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I am a skilled 3D artist with 5 years experience and have worked on four great mobile games and two AAA published titles. I enjoy working closely with the whole development team to create fantastic looking games that we can be proud of. I have a keen creative mind and am always brimming with ideas and concepts that I can't wait to try out.
I enjoy tackling problems from all angles, so as well as my skills in 3D art, I am developing skills in tool scripting and shader creation. I am always looking to improve myself, and enjoy collaborating with others to find techniques and practices that will enhance the quality and speed of the work we produce.
Freelance Artist - August 2016 - Present

For the past few months I have been doing freelance work. This has included Environment Art, Character Art, and Rapid prototyping.

Lead Environment Artist - January 2015 - August 2016 - Marmalade Game Studios
Artist - April 2013 - January 2015


Facial Animator - Lionhead
March - June 2012

Fable The Journey
Facial animation at Lionhead was created with a morph-target based system. This was primarily used to create animations using video reverence from mo-cap shoots, but also animating to a audio track without video reference.

3D Artist - Rare Ltd
March - December 2011

Project: KINECT SPORTS Season Two
Over the development of Kinect Sports Season Two I took on many roles. Primarily creating in-game assets such as sports equipment, I also spent time rigging props for animation, and tracking down and solving bugs found by the QA team.
I was lucky enough to be kept on for the development of the DLC, and am very proud that some of the new game modes rely entirely on new art that I created.